Princess Za
Aliases/Nicknames Dragon Princess
Gender Female
Species Plesiosaur-like Dragon (originally)
Humanoid Dragon (remake)
First Appearance Bonk's Adventure

Princess Za is the damsel-in-distress of the Bonk series and Bonk's main love interest. She is the Dragon Princess of Moonland and she was the main focus of the first Bonk's Adventure having been kidnapped by the evil King Drool thus forcing Bonk to rescue her.


Bonk's AdventureEdit

Princess Za had been kidnapped from her home in Moonland by the evil King Drool, forcing Bonk to save her from his evil clutches. Along the way Bonk faces many foes who have been brainwashed by Drool into mindless servants. Bonk then comes face to face with the villainous Psudo Za who upon her defeat is revealed to actually be Princess Za, having been transformed and brainwashed by Drool as part of his plan. Despite being transformed back, Za remains in a petrified state, with the only way to revive her being her crown which has been stolen by Drool and warped into his own evil crown. Bonk then faces Drool without a second thought and fights the evil king until he is defeated by his mighty noggin. With Drool defeated, Bonk reclaims the crown and returns it to Princess Za, restoring her and her crown to normal as well as her subjects. Bonk and the princess then share a romantic moment and she rewards the noble hero with a kiss, making him explode with joy before his new sweetheart.

Bonk's RevengeEdit

King Drool returns once more, but this time rather than take the princess, he instead steals half of Moonland using his new flying fortress, much to Za's horror. Za then seeks out the aid of Bonk to help her restore Moonland to its former glory and takes him to the location of Drool's new fortress.

After Bonk faced the many trials within the fortress, he finally came face to face with King Drool once more and defeated him once again. He then had the other half of Moonland restored, much to Za's delight who was happy to see a full moon once more. She then gave her dear hero a kiss, much to her sweetheart's delight.

Hudson Selection Volume 3: Bonk's AdventureEdit