King Drool
Aliases/Nicknames King Drool III (full name)
Gender Male
Species Tyrannosaurus/Dragon hybrid
Affiliation Dinosaur Kingdom
First Appearance Bonk's Adventure

King Drool is the main antagonist of the Bonk series and Bonk's main adversary. He is a giant green Tyrannosaurus/Dragon hybrid who has tried to take over the land many times and has caused great devastation with each of his evil plots, but luckily he is always defeated by Bonk.


Bonk's AdventureEdit

King Drool kidnapped Princess Za and it fell to Bonk to rescue her from the evil king via fighting his way across the world and defeating his mind-controlled minions in the process.

Bonk's RevengeEdit

King Drool is once again encountered when he literally steals half of the moon, causing Bonk to once again go after him to save the world.

Bonk 3: Bonk's Big Adventure Edit

King Drool for the third time steals half of the moon, but now chains it to the bottom of the sea. Bonk again has to defeat King Drool.

Super BonkEdit

King Drool is fed up with Bonk and decides to get rid of him by sending him to another timeline. Bonk must venture multiple areas between the timeline and battle strange bosses to get to King Drool.